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Gap among K-12 Educators

September 2018 US researchers to study knowledge networks in north-east England Jess Staufenberg- Schools Week

May 2018 Measuring research use and the promise of big data Zachary P. Neal & Jennifer Watling Neal - William T. Grant Foundation

January 2018  What makes research evidence useful for teachers? Alex Quigley - Research Schools Network

December 2017 Best education research of 2017 for schools  Stuart Kime - Schools Week

April 2017 What makes a broker a broker?  Zachary P. Neal & Jennifer Watling Neal - William T. Grant Foundation

March 2017 New report to aid school administrators. MSU Today

September 2016 MSU project helps school officials find the most effective programs.  Brittanie Chludzinski - MSU Today.

Networks and/or
Social Behaviors

May 2018  Calgary Today with Angela Kokott Radio Interview about peer rejection & school shootings [listen here]

May 2018  Peer rejection isn't the culprit behind school shootings  Jennifer Watling Neal - The Conversation US

March 2017 Kids' Networks & Personality  Jennifer Watling Neal, Emily Durbin, Allison Gornik, & Sharon Lo - Reddit Science AMA

February 2017 Ask Dr. Nandi: Study finds personality traits in children may be contagious.  WXYZ-TV Detroit

February 2017 Little Kids Absorb the Personalities of their Friends. New York Magazine


October 2013.  Unpopular...in elementary school?  Mary Pols - Great Schools.org

August 2013 Kids Who Consider Everyone a Friend Are Less Likely to Bully.  Psychology Today

August 2010. Child peer groups change with age. United Press International.

Child & Teacher Perceptions of Social Networks

January 2014 Kids and Gender Assumptions. WAMC Academic Minute [listen here]

January 2014 Kids have skewed view of gender segregation. MSU Today

Other Topics
Other Topics

November 2013 The paradox of diverse communities.  Richard Florida- City Lab

February 2012 No kids in public schools? You still benefit.  MSU Today

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